Multi Crop Harvester


  • Multi Crop

    It is a true Multi Crop combine Harvester capable of harvesting multiple crops - paddy, wheet, corn, barley, pulses & soybean effectively and efficiently.
  • Compact Size

    It's body is compactly designed which makes it a true compact sized combine harvester for uneven, wet and swampy and small fields.
  • Light weight

    Fieldking Multi crop combine harvester is a light-weight machine which reduces the earth pressure and makes it convenient for the operation in swampy and wet fields.
  • Cutter bar

    It's cutter bar is 2.2 metre which helps in harvesting more acres per hour and it has a large feeding bridge for better feeding capacity.
  • Track Type

    It's Longer & wider rubber track causes less ground pressure which makes its operation smoother and quicker in swampy, uneven and wet fields.
  • Engine

    It has 88 HP powerful Engine which makes it's harvesting operations smoother and quicker

Technical Specifications