Out Door Led



Conventional, static advertising doesn’t the same effect on people as it used to have. World can be overwhelming, offering a huge load of information every second. This has desensitize people, who aren’t paying attention and just forget what have seen or read.

Latest market studies have found that broadcasting advertising on outdoor screens is much more effective than traditional advertising printed media (newspapers, static boards,etc). This is the reason behind the growing of the number of digital screens on the streets. LED screens are cost-effective, reliable an offer a high return of your investment.

Technical Specifications

Pixel Pitch mmP5, P6, P8, P10,
Maximum luminosity6.000 – 12.000 nits
Average duration of the LED display120.000 h.
Frequency5.000 Hz

Key Features

High brightness LED screens

Brightness is a fundamental feature, because an outdoor advertising screen must be visible at any time, even during daylight. However, brightness must be tweaked during nighttime because it can be dangerous for pedestrians and drivers.

Visual Led offers the latest generation of LED screens. The price for quality and brightness can be steeper but is a worthwhile investment that will offer the best luminosity index.

Weather-resistant LED display

More than rainproof, our products are designed to be weather-resistant. Our LED screens are perfectly sealed, so water can’t reach the inner circuits. However, this doesn’t mean heat will affect their performance because they’re made to dissipate it quickly.

Visual Led designs outdoor led displays using high-efficiency electronics and uses an exclusive resin treatment in order to guarantee excellent heat dissipation, even during the hottest days of summer. Our outdoor screens are made to operate 24 hours a day without interruption.

Energy-efficient LED screens

LED displays are mainly used to generate profits when broadcasting advertising. If power consumption is too high, it will lose profitability, as the operating cost would be too expensive.

Our outdoor LED displays use special power-saving technology, making it a cost-effective investment that will lead to big savings.